Monday, May 23, 2011

These Shoes Are Made for Walking

Tim went Friday to get fitted for his new shoes and the orthodic that is made just for his feet that goes inside his shoes to off load the pressure when he walks. The process was interesting. We started with looking at different shoes. Tim chose a black smooth leather shoe. Tim stepped on what looked like a large ink pad with a plain sheet of white paper on the inked side. When he stood on the pad, it marked the pressure points on both feet. That impression was used to make the orthodotic just for his feet. We waited for it to be made, put into the shoes and fitted on Tim's feet.

Tim was very surprised at how good his feet felt in the shoe!

He walked up and down the hall trying them out! yeah! These shoes were made for walking and walking he is! He's already walking better will continue to improve each time he walks!

Congratulations to you, Tim for all the hard work you've done to get to this point! It's been a long haul but you've done what you needed to do to bring healing to your foot and now walking again. I love you!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The death of our family cat

Murphy was just a little black kitten when I rescued him from a church parking lot in Fort Worth where boys were shooting BB guns at him. I picked him up and brought him home that night and he had been with us for the next 17 years. He moved with us to Dallas and then moved with us back to Fort Worth. He's seen several dogs come and go and was there when Gus joined the Gilbert household in 1996. He and Gus were pals and would often lay next to each other. The latest addition of Charlie and Lucy added to his list of pets to endure. They would try to play but Murphy had no use for these two dogs.

He usually slept on my head and would spend most of his days sleeping on the back of the sofa. He would meow loudly in the morning until he was fed. In the last few weeks, he had lost weight and would just sleep all day and night in odd places. We said goodbye to him last week when he died during the night. Charlie was so sweet with him in those last few days. He became his guardian - laying near him, following him around and watching over him. The other animals knew something was wrong with Murphy and sensed that he was sick. It was so touching to see them care for each other.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Few Days at the River

It's hard to believe that it was just a week ago that I was in Richmond for a visit. As a part of that visit, Mary Beth and I went to our family cottage at the "rivah" as they say. This cottage is on the Rappahannock River at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. My grandparents bought the cottage the year I was born and I spent my 1st summer at the rivah. My family enjoyed spending summer vacations here along with the larger extended families. There were holiday weekends that this little place slept 15-16 people, wall to wall beds. There are such fond memories of time spent with family in this place. I had not been for a long time and was long overdue for a few days at the rivah.

It was chilly but really nice to sit on the side porch with our sweatshirts on and take in all the sites and sounds. Of course, being so close to the water, there is always the sound of the water hitting the shore. I can remember getting motion sick from this but wasn't bothered by the sound this trip. Deltaville is the town across the mile wide river and you could see the buildings clearly. It was so peaceful and relaxing just to sit and talk and laugh and be. I needed that!

The front of the cottage taked from the pier next door. Oh, the cedar tree at the front corner. We used to hate walking that way to the beach because we'd get cedar stickers in our bare feet. That tree is a landmark for the cottage. This little cottage consists of five rooms and a bath. I do remember when there was an outhouse for the bathroom! We don't drink the water so bring our drinking water and we don't have hot water so heat that in a kettle. This is the smallest place around with the land all around this cottage being developed with large homes built on lots all around. But we love our little place!

This is the view of the back! Home sweet home!

What's a trip to the river without eating some steamed crabs. I did get some steamed crabs from a river house in White Stone. That was its own experience. Mary Beth went with me to get the crabs and she asked as we left, "Mom, was she legit?" It was a old farmhouse and an elderly woman with her dog on a rope met us outside. I asked about the crabs and she went to a walk-in freezer to get them.

I sure did enjoy picking and eating them. Yum!

Spending a few days at the river was so nice. I found myself emotional as I remembered all the good times with Granny and Grandpa, Mama and Daddy, aunts and uncles and cousins. Oh, my, what a history! Fifty eight years worth! It looked the same as I remembered it, oh a few new pieces of furniture and fresh paint but not much had changed. I stayed in the "flip-flop" room which used to be the pink bedroom right off the side porch so you hear the water all night long!

Thanks for all the memories!

This was the sunset one of the evenings we were there! It was beautiful and such a great reminder of the days and nights spent enjoying God's creation with family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding in Alexandria, VA

I've just returned from attending my nephew's wedding in Alexandria, VA. Brian Cocchiola married Caroline Skelly on May 7th and they are headed to New York where Brian will be starting his medical rotations. The weekend started with the Rehearsal Dinner at the La Strada, a wonderful Italian restuarant in Old Towne. The food was absolutely wonderful, served family style and lots of it. The toast was a wonderful way to say best wishes to the happy couple! Caleb and Mary Beth went with me to the wedding. It was fun to be with them for the weekend!

The happy couple taking more pictures on the stairway at the reception.

The parents of the groom - Bob and Jocelyn Cocchiola. Jocelyn is my sister - the one I call "Monk".

The DJ was great! He played great dancing music and the dance floor stayed full. Gotta have a little of the Electric Slide! That's my sister, Bev, and Mary Beth leading the way. Jenna, my niece, and her boyfriend Daniel following. Everyone was having fun!

The Grubb siblings all in the same place - Bev, Monk, Johnny and Karen. They were appeasing their older sister to pose for this one. Glad they did!

Then there were the cousins. Erin Cocchiola Rich, Mary Beth Gilbert Foust, Taylor Austin, Jenna Cocchiola, Brian and Caroline Cocchiola. Katie Gilbert was missed!

It was a weekend full of activity with family and friends. I was so glad I was there!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Making Progress

It's been more than a month since we updated you on Tim's progress. He's doing very well and walking with a cane most of the time! The Wound Clinic has declared his two original wounds HEALED. Yep, they were so happy to make that declaration. They are still following him a little longer because he has developed a blister on the side of his foot from the walking. The blister is healing and should be completely healed in a few days.

Tim has an appointment on Friday to be fitted for his shoes and the special insert he'll have to wear which will off load the pressure so he won't have blisters.

I think Tim has surprised them all - Dr. Sotman, Dr. Wagner and the Wound Clinic nurses. They have been with us and this wound from the very beginning and are amazed at the progress even if it has been very slow. They are very pleased with the progress and the healing. They didn't really think it would heal. Of course, they didn't know Tim like I know Tim. He's worked very hard to keep his blood sugar consistent and do what they've asked him to do and it's payed off. He still has his foot and is able to walk on it. Thanks be to God!