Monday, March 21, 2011

After Spring Break?

It's Monday and I just took Tim to the campus to start this week after Spring Break. The campus was busy with folks returning to the routine after a week off. Spring Break for us was pretty uneventful. Tim worked on his course work reading and creating power points for class lectures. I worked for both CBF and Broadway. Broadway is my new work - filling in a few hours as an administrative assistant! not sure that's my calling but maybe I can help out!

Friday, Tim and I took the day off and traveled to Dallas to each do different things. Tim spent the day with his friend, Ron. They talked and laughed and went to eat Asian food and even took in a movie. I visited with friends and met friends for lunch and picked up our completed taxes. That was really the reason for the trip to Dallas - to get the completed tax forms and find out whether we get money back or have to pay. Luckily, this year we're still getting some money back - actually enough to pay for the hot water heater we had to have a month ago! But it is money back and not money we have to come up with, yeah!

Saturday, we worked in the yard. The grass was needing to be cut. It was getting tall in the backyard and the dogs were beginning to get lost in some of it. Guess what? I was able to push the lawnmower and did the grass cutting myself! This is a miracle! What a new hip will do for you! But the picture you need to imagine is Tim with the weedeater. Yes, he was on his rolly walker going around the fence weedeating! Now, that's the miracle! We were both pooped after this workout but it was a good feeling to be able to do this all by ourselves and not have to ask for help from friends! We do thank all those who helped us with grass mowing last summer/fall but it looks like we're going to be able to handle this on our own this year!

Sunday was spent at church with Sunday School, worship, lunch at church, me in a meeting and Tim waiting for me. The rest of the day was spent resting and getting ready to return to work and the new normal for us right now!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The PICC line is gone!

March 10th was a long awaited day for us. Tim finally has his PICC line removed after 8 months. The Peripherally Inserted Central Catherter was put in while Tim was still in the hospital in July. He has been visiting the Infusion Clinic weekly for the past 8 months. The weekly visit to the Infusion Clinic was for a dressing change, blood work and to pick up his infusions. For the past several months, we would visit the Infusion Clinic twice a week to pick up the infusions. Tuesdays and Fridays always included a trip to the clinic. Thanks to Trish and Jane for taking such good care of Tim!