Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tim's Birthday Surprise!

Mary Beth and I managed to pull off the best surprise ever for Tim's birthday. Several months ago Mary Beth called and said, "Mom, what do you think about me coming to Fort Worth to surprise Dad for his birthday?" Well, I knew how bad he wanted to see his girls and this sounded like a great idea for seeing one of them. So, we began to check airfare and put this in motion. Katie wanted to be here also but she and Matt were leaving for their trip to South Africa this weekend. She's coming in Oct!

I picked up Mary Beth up at the airport and we went to Tim's office to surprise him and that we did. He really had no idea! I'm not sure I've ever pulled off a surprise this good! I usually can't keep a secret. Mary Beth knocked on his office door and he looked up and then he looked up again when he really recognized it was Mary Beth. He jumped up and wrapped his arms around her in the biggest bear hug! Happy Birthday, Tim! What a gift!
We met friends for dinner at the new Texas Road House in Fort Worth. It was so good to visit with our friends, Kay and Don and Tricia and her sister, Karen, who drove from Dallas for the birthday dinner. Thanks, guys for making the drive. Our Fort Worth friends, Charlie and Carolyn and Terry and Jorene, joined us also. The server even got Tim on the saddle to sing happy birthday!

We took in a baseball game that weekend - the Fort Worth Cats at LaGrave Field in Fort Worth. We decided this field was a little bit more managable. It was a fun night of baseball in the heat but we figured we could be hot at home or at the ballpark. We sat on ground level right behind 1st base and really had to pay attention to the game and foul balls!

The game followed an afternoon trip to Target! What would time with Mary Beth be without a trip to Target!

Mary Beth and I got in a little pool time with Carolyn on Saturday morning. I introduced Mary Beth to the McDonald's mango and pineapple smoothie. Yummm - it's really good! On Saturday afternoon, we went to visit Blythe, Jimmy, Cole and Natalie in Lewisville. We had fun just catching up! Natalie and Cole are so cute and growing up so fast.

The weekend was too short but it was so good to spend time with Mary Beth! She seemed to enjoy being in Fort Worth for a few days. On Sunday, she did manage a quick trip to Dallas to visit her friend, Mary Lu, get some TC's and eat at Jakes!

You bring joy into our lives always! We love you! Come visit anytime. Maybe next time, Caleb can come with you!