Saturday, March 24, 2012

Katie's Ordination

We now have 2 revs in the family! We celebrated Katie's ordination on March 11 with family and friends at Wilshire Baptist Church. She had asked Wilshire to ordain her since it was the church family that had nurtured her call to ministry. She met with the ordaining council in Jan. and they recommended her ordination to the deacons and then to the church for approval. The service was on Sunday afternoon at 3pm in the chapel. Those in attendance included her "other mothers", Baylor girls, several high school friends, her in-laws and family.

There were many who participated in the service. Folks were welcomed by George Mason, pastor at Wilshire. Tiffany Wright and Mary Beth read scripture with LeAnn Hampton and Carol Causey leading litanies. Carolyn Shapard gave the charge to Katie. Then Katie and Matt led in the benediction. It was a wonderful service of blessing and affirming of her call to ministry and her gifts for ministry. It was certainly fun to have both girls home together for about 48 hours. We enjoyed being together if only for a little while!

I was one proud mama! Katie's ordination was 20 years after my own. As I sat there watching people bless her, I was remembering my own time of blessing and how special that day was for me. She will remember this day for a long time to come and especially when those tough times come in ministry. Bless you Katie and thanks be to God for you life!

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